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Charles & Heidi Douglas, Guest Speakers, 2019 AHS Region One Meeting

Fireworks in the Gardens
Omaha, Nebraska • July 5-7, 2019
Hosted by the Nebraska Daylily Society

The Nebraska Daylily Society invites you to attend the 2019 AHS Region One Meeting “Fireworks in the Gardens” on July 5-7 in Omaha, Nebraska, where you can meet and greet guest speakers Charles and Heidi Douglas and enjoy their wonderful daylily presentations in person.

Click HERE for the regional meeting registration form with fillable fields—use your computer’s keyboard to type your information—no handwriting is necessary!

Meet Heidi & Charles Douglas, Browns Ferry Gardens, Georgetown, South Carolina

Charles and Heidi met at the Mid-Winter Symposium in Chattanooga in 2003. In 2006 they became a couple. Ever since then, they share their passion for daylilies with anyone who will listen. Charles and Heidi enjoy traveling the country speaking to clubs and making new friends.

Heidi and Charles Douglas at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland--picture courtesy of Angie Maly

About Charles

Charles started hybridizing in 1992. With the help of his mother, he opened Browns Ferry Gardens in 1994. He registered and introduced his first daylily, STRAWBERRY PATCH, in 1999 and it won an Honorable Mention (HM) Award from the AHS. Charles has introduced over 150 daylilies since then, and he has received 22 additional HMs from the AHS. 

'Strawberry Patch' (Douglas-C., 1999)--all daylily pictures are courtesy of Heidi Douglas

Charles loves big, round, ruffled daylilies—some with eyes and edges, and others just plain frilly—with great plant habit, good branching, and high bud count. He is most proud of THELMA DOUGLAS, named for his mother, registered in 2008, and introduced in 2009. THELMA DOUGLAS won an HM in 2011 and an Award of Merit (AM) from the AHS in 2014. 

'Thelma Douglas' (Douglas-C., 2008)

Charles’ BROWNS FERRY ROYALTY (2011) won an HM in 2014 and an AM in 2017, and will become eligible to win the Stout Silver Medal in 2019. BROWNS FERRY ROYALTY also won the Extra Large Diameter Award in 2018.

'Browns Ferry Royalty' (Douglas-C., 2011)

CYNTHIA LUCIUS (2015) and GARRETT ALLEN (2014) each won an HM in 2018.

 'Cynthia Lucius' (Douglas-C., 2015)

'Garrett Allen' (Douglas-C., 2014)

But wait—there’s more! Charles won the 2018 Region 15 Best Seedling award for his exquisite seedling 14-51 out of CYNTHIA DAWN X DAVE MCGHEE, which will be a future introduction. Congratulations, Charles! Seedling 14-51's parents are named for Charles and Heidi's daughter Cindy and son-in-law Dave.

Charles Douglas seedling 14-51 is out of 'Cynthia Dawn' X 'Dave McGhee'

Charles won the Region 15 Jeffcoat Hybridizers Award four times: in 2000 for his very first introduction STRAWBERRY PATCH, in 2005 for PICK OF THE LITTER, in 2012 for THELMA DOUGLAS, and in 2016 for BROWNS FERRY ROYALTY. In 2005, Charles won the Carolina Service Award (known as the Region 15 Service Award from 2004 to 2015) in recognition of his regional service.

'Pick of the Litter' (Douglas-C., 2003) won an HM in 2007  

Congratulations, Charles!

About Heidi

Heidi started growing daylilies in 1999 when she selected five daylilies for her garden. When they bloomed, Heidi was hooked and ordered more daylilies online. There she discovered a whole new world, including chat rooms and clubs. She started dabbing pollen in 2003, but was restricted by too small a yard.

Heidi moved her garden, her dogs, and herself to Browns Ferry Gardens in 2006, where she started hybridizing in earnest. Heidi hybridizes for patterns, appliques, and unusual forms with unique faces. Heidi sometimes makes some off-the-wall crazy crosses because she loves to see what will happen. Sometimes the kids are so-so, but other times, she gets outstanding results such as the to-die-for BOSS HOGG (2015).

'Boss Hogg' (Douglas-H., 2015)

One of Heidi’s first introductions registered in 2009 and introduced in 2010, TIP OF THE ICEBERG, won an HM Award in 2014. 

'Tip of the Iceberg' (Douglas-H., 2009)

Heidi has since won 11 more HMs. PAPA GOOSE (2011) received an HM in 2015 with 107 votes. PAPA GOOSE won an AM in 2018 and received the most AM votes with a whopping 139. PAPA GOOSE will be eligible to win the Stout Silver Medal beginning in 2020. PAPA GOOSE won the Lambert/Webster Award in 2018.

'Papa Goose' (Douglas-H., 2011)

The beautiful and distinctive BOSS HOGG won an HM Award in 2018 with 82 votes.

In addition to BOSS HOGG, Heidi won HM Awards for the following cultivars in 2018:

 'Dancing on Ice' (Douglas-H., 2014)

 'I'm Gonna Love You through It' (Douglas-H., 2013)

 'MeMe's Lovin' the Limelight' (Douglas-H., 2015)

'MeMe's Tuitti Fruitti' (Douglas-H., 2013) 

'Womanizer' (Douglas-H., 2009)

Browns Ferry Gardens was a tour garden during the 2018 AHS National Convention in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Heidi’s lovely BREATHING IN SNOWFLAKES (2016) won two AHS National Convention awards in 2018 voted on by convention attendees: 1) the President’s Cup for the most outstanding daylily clump in an AHS National Convention garden, and 2) the Ned Roberts Spider/Unusual Form Award for the most outstanding spider or unusual form clump in an AHS National Convention garden.

'Breathing in Snowflakes' (Douglas-H., 2016)

Heidi won the 2013 Region 15 Jeffcoat Hybridizers Award for PAPA GOOSE and again in 2017 for BOSS HOGG. In 2013, Heidi won the Carolina Service Award (known as the Region 15 Service Award from 2004 to 2015) in recognition of her regional service.

Congratulations, Heidi!

About the Daylilies at Browns Ferry Gardens

These are just a few of the beautiful daylilies Charles and Heidi have created. To see all of Charles and Heidi’s gorgeous daylily introductions as well as the introductions of Gene Tanner and to learn more about their beautiful garden, visit

A Golden Opportunity

Join Charles, Heidi, and all of your daylily friends at the 2019 AHS Region One Tour on July 5-7 in Omaha, Nebraska. For information about this fun-filled, exciting event, click HERE for the schedule and list of tour and open gardens. 

Don't let the only thing missing be you!

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