Thursday, March 26, 2020

Attention, Region One Garden Judges: An Update from ADS

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, some regions have canceled their annual summer daylily meetings. The 2020 ADS National Convention scheduled for May 25-27 has also been canceled. 

Because Garden Judges Workshop 2 (GJW2) must take place in a garden during daylily bloom season, it is difficult if not impossible to take GJW2 if:
·        Summer daylily meetings are canceled
·        Transportation to a meeting becomes unavailable
·        You are at high risk and need to stay home to avoid potential exposure to Covid-19

ADS leadership listened to our concerns. I am happy to announce the following information ADS Garden Judges Records Chair Claude Carpenter sent to all ADS Garden Judge Liaisons on March 25, 2020.
·        All Garden Judges with terms expiring in 2020 will get an automatic one-year extension of their Garden Judge terms. If your Garden Judge term expires in 2020, you can now take GJW2 in 2021 to renew. This automatic one-year extension applies ONLY to Garden Judge terms expiring in 2020. Your 2020 Awards & Honors Ballot will include a memo about this. Note: If your GJ term expires in 2020 and you took GJW2 during 2018 (year 3 of your term) or 2019 (year 4 of your term), you do not need to take GJW2 in 2020 or 2021.
·        Anyone currently in the process of becoming a new Garden Judge who successfully completed Garden Judges Workshop 1 will get an extra year to take GJW2 and complete their training. See the Judging Daylilies in the Garden handbook for a full description of how to become a new Garden Judge.

Finally, per ADS President Scott Elliott, all Garden Judges must vote the 2020 ADS Awards & Honors ballot, even if they submit a blank ballot (see the 2020 Awards
& Honors Ballot for voting instructions).

Please contact me with any questions. As always, I am happy to help!

Mary Baker
ADS Region One Garden Judges Liaison