Sunday, October 25, 2020

ADS Region One 2020 Cultivar Awards & Honors Winners

The American Daylily Society (ADS) announced the 2020 cultivar award winners during the fall Board of Directors meeting on October 24, 2020. Two Region One dayliliesboth hybridized by Karol Emmerich of Springwood Gardens in Jordan, Minnesotawon Honorable Mention (HM) awards. Congratulations, Karol! 

Two daylilies named for ADS Region One members from hybridizers Mort Morss and David Kirchhoff of Daylily World in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky also won HM awards. Congratulations, David and Mort! 

Honorable Mention Award Winners from Karol Emmerich 

Two of Karol Emmerich’s lovely daylilies won HMs in 2020. One is FINISH THE RACE (2009, tet). 

Finish the Race (Karol Emmerich, 2019)pic courtesy of Karol Emmerich

'Finish the Race' (Karol Emmerich, 2009)pic courtesy of Kris Henning
For an additional picture and information about FINISH THE RACE, click HERE. 

The other Emmerich daylily to win an HM in 2020 is VIA DOLOROSA (2009, tet).

'Via Dolorosa' (Karol Emmerich, 2009, tet)—pic courtesy of Karol Emmerich
'Via Dolorosa' (Karol Emmerich, 2009, tet)—pic courtesy of Karol Emmerich

For another picture and description of VIA DOLOROSA, click HERE. 

Congratulations and kudos from everyone in Region One, Karol! We are proud of your accomplishments and thank you for your service to our region. 

HM Award Winners Named for Region One Members 

Daylilies named for two ADS Region One members also received HM awards in 2020. One is KYLE BILLADEAU (Mort Morss, 2014, tet). Kyle is ADS Treasurer, past Editor of the ADS Region One Daylily Pioneer newsletter, and member of the Daylily Society of Minnesota.

'Kyle Billadeau' (Mort Morss, 2014)—pic courtesy of Phyllis McIntosh

For the hybridizer’s picture and information about KYLE BILLADEAU, click HERE. 

The other 2020 HM award-winning daylily is MARY BAKER (David Kirchhoff, 2005, tet). Mary served as ADS Region One President from 2000-2004, is the Region One Garden Judges Liaison, and member of the Nebraska Daylily Society. 

'Mary Baker' (David Kirchhoff, 2005)pic courtesy of Mary Baker

For the hybridizer’s picture and description of MARY BAKER, click HERE.