Wednesday, January 30, 2019

2019 Region One Meeting Open Garden—Bob and Joanne Langabee’s Garden

Fireworks in the Gardens
2019 ADS Region One Meeting • Omaha, Nebraska • July 5-7, 2019
Hosted by the Nebraska Daylily Society—click HERE for registration form
Charles and Heidi Douglas of Browns Ferry Gardens, Guest Speakers
Bob & Joanne Langabee’s Garden—Bob and Joanne Langabee

Bob and Joanne Langabee’s Garden has been a work in progress for 46 years. Joanne is a Master Gardener, Master Naturalist and former rose consultant for the Midwest. Bob is a rare plant enthusiast and daylily hybridizer.
The front yard is shady and features 13 Japanese maple trees and four rare small trees plus various types of shade-loving plants including hosta, ferns, heucheras, epimediums, dwarf iris, and spring-flowering bulbs. Over 27 different ornamental grass varieties grow here, and many tolerate shade. A few sunny areas contain daylilies but mostly showcase plants that attract butterflies and pollinators. A water feature highlights the front yard. 
Front yard water featureall pics courtesy of Bob and Joanne Langabee
The Langabees live near Fontenelle Forest and have a herd of eight to 16 deer that think they run a free supermarket.
Side garden bed displays shade-loving plants such as hosta
A deer fence completely surrounds the sloped back yard and pasture area. Here you will find over 175 registered daylily cultivars and over 500 of Bob’s seedlings. 
A blooming sea of backyard daylilies
The many interspersed smaller garden beds contain dwarf conifers, cacti, succulents, roses, plants for butterflies, vegetables, and plants for xeriscapes. 
Companion plants punctuated with garden art accentuate the back yard
A small waterfall and stream flows into a tranquil pond bordering the patio.
 This lovely backyard oasis is a nature lover's dream
Bob and Joanne love to sit on the patio, relax, and enjoy watching birds flock to their feeders; numerous butterfly visitors; and all too often, deer playing in the pasture.
Close-up view of Bob and Joanne's lovely pond
Bob started hybridizing diploid and tetraploid daylilies eight years ago. Bob’s hybridizing program includes diploids and tetraploids. 
 Bob Langabee tetraploid seedling 'Broadway Player' X 'Lil' Red Wagon'

Bob Langabee tetraploid seedling 'Broadway Elf' X 'Spacecoast Shiner'
Bob’s first efforts focused on small and miniature daylilies, and recently expanded to patterns. 
 Diploid seedling (unknown Bob Faulkner cross)

 Bob Langabee seedling 'Miss Piggy's Wedding' X a Bob Faulkner seedling

Bob Langabee seedling 'Spacecoast Behavior Pattern' X 'Dr Jules Michael Vinkman'
Bob incorporates Tim Herrington's miniatures with some of Grace Stamile’s. He works with Bob Faulkner's patterned daylilies and some from Jamie Gossard such as Chaotic Design and Wild Chicken. Bob also has a pink program, because Joanne likes pink daylilies, with some really nice results. 
 Bob Langabee diploid seedling 'Ghost Whispers' X unknown

Bob Langabee tetraploid seedling 'Miss Piggy' X 'Dr Jules Michael Vinkman'
Bob hybridizes for orange daylilies, too. 
 Bob Langabee diploid seedling 'Halloween Green' X unknown

Bob Langabee tetraploid seedling 'Tequila Mockingbird' X 'Orange Grove'
Bob likes daylilies with clear color combinations. He does not intentionally hybridize for doubles, teeth, spiders, or ruffles, but they occasionally show up here and there.
Bob and Joanne look forward to showing you their piece of paradise.
Daylilies illuminate the edge of the back yard

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

2019 Region One Tour Garden—McIntosh Daylily Place, Omaha NE—Phyllis McIntosh

Fireworks in the Gardens
2019 ADS Region One Meeting • Omaha, Nebraska • July 5-7, 2019
Hosted by the Nebraska Daylily Society—click HERE for registration form
Charles and Heidi Douglas of Browns Ferry Gardens, Guest Speakers
McIntosh Daylily Place, Omaha, Nebraska—Phyllis McIntosh
McIntosh Daylily Place, the garden of Phyllis McIntosh, is an American Daylily Society (ADS) Display Garden in Omaha, Nebraska. What began as an iris collection gradually shifted toward daylilies. Phyllis attended an agricultural display in Mead, Nebraska in 1997 hosted by the University of Nebraska. The Nebraska Daylily Society (NDS) staffed a booth and gave a daylily to new members. Phyllis joined NDS in 1997, and has been a member ever since. Phyllis enjoyed attending all ADS Region One meetings since 1998 plus several Region 11 meetings and three ADS National Conventions.
Welcome to McIntosh Daylily Placeall pics courtesy of Phyllis McIntosh
McIntosh Daylily Place features over 800 registered daylily cultivars. All are clearly labeled. Many hybridizers are represented. 
 Colorful side-yard beds

The landscape consists of several flower beds. Each bed is edged with brick and/or stone.

A sea of delightful daylilies blooming beautifully in a front-yard border

Companion perennials such as Oriental lilies, hosta, clematis, sedums, and coral bells are interspersed among the daylilies. In the spring tulips and daffodils bloom. Several peonies came with the property.
Oriental and tiger lilies
McIntosh Daylily Place gently slopes upward from the street. The back yard is mostly level. Phyllis’ home is on an extra-large city lot almost half an acre in size.
Backyard beds invite you to stroll among the many gorgeous daylilies and companion plants
There are plenty of seating areas with shade on the back patio and pergola with a view of a lovely water feature.
Bubbling rocks accentuate the garden
Phyllis hybridizes tetraploid and diploid daylilies. You will see hundreds of her daylily seedlings in several stages of growth. Initially the seedling area was all vegetables, but now it is challenging to find space for a single tomato or cucumber plant. 
Phyllis McIntosh diploid seedling D13 'North Wind Billet Doux' X 'Rose F. Kennedy' 

 Phyllis McIntosh tetraploid seedling T14-223 'Laws Of Illusion' X 'Heaven's Declaring'

 Phyllis McIntosh tetraploid seedling T14-253 'Optical Art' X unknown

Phyllis McIntosh tetraploid seedling T16-162 'Very Cherry' X 'Unending Melody'
Phyllis likes unusual forms and patterns. She has registered four daylilies so far—the tetraploid HOOKED ON ANGEL WINGS (2010), and the diploids YELLOW SLIPPERS (2018), SANDHILL CRANE (2011), and PIXIE CHICK (2006).
'Hooked on Angel Wings' (Phyllis McIntosh, 2010)
'Yellow Slippers' (Phyllis McIntosh, 2018)
'Sandhill Crane' (Phyllis McIntosh, 2011)
'Pixie Chick' (Phyllis McIntosh, 2006)
Phyllis may register two selected seedlingsdiploid seedling 033, a wonderful unusual form of unknown parentage that is tall and reminiscent of MAGIC OF OZ; and tetraploid seedling 081, a reliable triangular flower out of PAPER BUTTERFLY X DANCE ON A MOONBEAM, a creamy tan with a dark eye.
 Phyllis McIntosh diploid seedling 033

Phyllis McIntosh tetraploid seedling 081 'Paper Butterfly' X 'Dance on a Moonbeam'
McIntosh Daylily Place features 17 NDS club plants, all recent registrations, from guest speakers Charles & Heidi Douglas and Gene Tanner of Browns Ferry Gardens. Daylily introductions from Charles Douglas featured at McIntosh Daylily Place include BROWNS FERRY ELEGANCE (2017), DIANNE REEVES (2017), and SONYA MICHELLE (2017).
 'Browns Ferry Elegance' (Charles Douglas, 2017)

 'Dianne Reaves' (Charles Douglas, 2017)

'Sonya Michelle' (Charles Douglas, 2017)
Daylily introductions from Heidi Douglas in Phyllis McIntosh's garden include MEME'S INDULGENCE (2017) and SINGAPORE SUNRISE (2017).
 'Meme's Indulgence' (Heidi Douglas, 2017)

'Singapore Sunrise' (Heidi Douglas, 2017)
Daylily introductions from Gene Tanner featured at McIntosh Daylily Place include COUNTRY PRINCESS (2017), HUMBLE AND KIND (2017), and ONE CAROLINA (2017). 
 'Country Princess' (Gene Tanner, 2017)

 'Humble and Kind' (Gene Tanner, 2017)

'One Carolina' (Gene Tanner, 2017)

McIntosh Daylily Place will host Garden Judges Workshop 2 on Sunday, July 7 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Driving directions are part of the registration packet. Portable restroom facilities will be available during the tour on Saturday, July 6 as well as on Sunday morning, July 7 during Garden Judges Workshop 2.
Meander through the tranquil shade garden
You are welcome to walk throughout the garden or rest in a shady spot. Phyllis invites you to visit her beautiful gardenyou will not be disappointed!

 Enjoy the view while relaxing under the spruce tree

Sunday, January 20, 2019

REVISED ADS 2019 Region One Meeting Description (Garden Judges Workshops change)

Fireworks in the Gardens
2019 AHS Region One Meeting • Omaha, Nebraska • July 5-7, 2019
Hosted by the Nebraska Daylily Societyclick HERE for the registration form

Charles and Heidi Douglas of Browns Ferry Gardens, guest speakers

REVISED—Phil Fass will chair and instruct Garden Judges Workshop 2 with Don Lovell from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on Sunday at McIntosh Daylily Place (outdoor restroom facilities will be available). Garden Judges Workshop 1 is canceled due to lack of available Garden Judge Instructors. Garden Judges Workshop 1 will be offered during the 2019 ADS National Convention in Madison, Wisconsin during the following weekend, and is now also periodically offered online.

The Nebraska Daylily Society (NDS) invites you to join us Friday, July 5 through Sunday, July 7, in Omaha, Nebraska, for the 2019 AHS Region One Meeting. Guest speakers are hybridizers Charles and Heidi Douglas of Browns Ferry Gardens of Georgetown, South Carolina. Browns Ferry Gardens was a 2018 AHS National Convention tour garden. Charles and Heidi will present their programs on Saturday evening following the banquet.

The host hotel is the Marriott Hotel, 10220 Regency Circle, Omaha, Nebraska 68114-3706, 402-399-9000. Mention “Nebraska Daylily Society” to get the reservation group rate of $106 per night.

Your registration includes the bus tour and four meals: Friday banquet, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch at Keast Daylily Gardens, and Saturday banquet. Guest meals for Friday banquet and/or Saturday banquet and/or Saturday breakfast are also available. Please see the registration form for details and fees. For your convenience, the registration form has fillable fields, so you can use your computer keyboard to type your information—no handwriting is necessary!

Four large tour gardens and five lovely open gardens await you. Three tour gardens and all of the open gardens belong to hybridizers, so in addition to seeing the latest and greatest well-known daylilies, you will meet several “new to you” daylily introductions and seedlings from our very own metro-area hybridizers. To supplement all the beautiful daylilies in the four tour gardens, NDS gave each tour garden funds to purchase a collection of daylily club plants from the hybridizer of their choice (to be auctioned off during a future NDS meeting).

·         Keast Daylily Gardens (Oakland, Iowa) Tom & Mary Keast—Jamie Gossard club plant collection
·         McIntosh Daylily Place (Omaha) Phyllis McIntosh—Charles & Heidi Douglas club plant collection
·         Daylilies on the Fritz (Cedar Creek, Nebraska) Lyle & Rita Kahnk—Paul Owen club plant collection
·         Farmony Gardens (Omaha) Nancy Lee Anderson—Richard Norris club plant collection

·         Mary Baker’s Garden (Omaha) Mary & Rich Baker
·         Hansen’s Daylily Haven (Papillion, Nebraska) Dave & Val Jean Hansen
·         Ferguson Fantasy Flowers (Omaha) Scott & Linda Ferguson
·         Doug Bremers’ Garden (Omaha) Doug Bremers
·         Bob & Joanne Langabee’s Garden (Bellevue, Nebraska) Bob & Joanne Langabee

The Region One Daylily Auction begins on Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. and credit cards will be accepted. Shop our Bargain Table for outstanding daylily buys on Friday and Saturday (see the registration form for bargain table hours).

Region One garden owners, please donate daylilies for the auction and bargain table! Auction Plant Chair is Mark Langemeier ( and Bargain Table Chair is Susanne Milbourn (

On Friday from 4:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m., Tim Morrissey ( will host the Region One Hybridizers Slide Presentations. See the latest, greatest daylily creations from our very own hybridizers!

Questions? Contact our 2019 AHS Region One Meeting Chair, RP Val Hoefer ( or Registrar Leslie Rule (

Celebrate daylilies with us in Omaha on July 5-7. Visit with friends and meet new ones while we all enjoy beautiful daylily Fireworks in the Gardens—don’t let the only thing missing be you!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

2019 Region One Tour Garden—Keast Daylily Gardens, Oakland IA—Tom & Mary Keast

Fireworks in the Gardens
2019 ADS Region One Meeting • Omaha, Nebraska • July 5-7, 2019
Hosted by the Nebraska Daylily Society—click HERE for registration form
Charles and Heidi Douglas of Browns Ferry Gardens, Guest Speakers
Keast Daylily Gardens, Oakland, Iowa—Tom and Mary Keast
Keast Daylily Gardens is a state-licensed and inspected daylily nursery located in Oakland, Iowa. Tom and Mary Keast started growing daylilies over 20 years ago, and attended their first ADS Region One Meeting in 1996.
Welcome to Keast Daylily Gardens—all pics courtesy of Tom and Mary Keast unless otherwise noted
Tom and Mary’s garden is about one acre in size. It was one of four tour gardens during the 2002 ADS Region One meeting, and was featured in the past as an International Garden of the Week (GOTW) on Charlotte Chamitoff’s Daylily Diary. 
Paths lead the way through many beautifully landscaped flower beds
Attendees who last visited Keast Daylily Gardens in 2002 will be surprised at how the garden has grown and all the changes since 2002. The wheel beds, first planted in 2001, contained small daylily clumps in 2002. Today, most daylily cultivars in the wheel beds consist of multiple clumps that produce large displays of gorgeous, saturated color.
Front yard wheel beds
Since returning to Oakland on a full-time basis a few years ago after living in Colorado, Tom and Mary added and incorporated many companion plants. They enjoy growing hardy perennials like salvias, ornamental grasses, clematis, mums, and asters in addition to many beautiful Asiatic and Orienpet lilies.
Early morning in the garden, promising a spectacular day
'Mary's Pride' (Mary Keast, 2010) and companions
One shady area showcases a beautiful hosta and heuchera bed where gnomes and garden fairies dance among the greenery. Several benches are scattered throughout the gardens for visitors to rest and enjoy the blooms. They updated the shade house with a floor and furniture for visitors to sit and relax away from the hot sun. Restroom facilities are available for attendees.
Imagine relaxing on this lovely bench taking in the scenic, peaceful view
Tom and Mary presently grow over 1,000 registered varieties of daylilies in addition to their own seedlings. They grow all daylily forms from miniatures, doubles, large flower, unusual forms, and spiders. Registration dates range from mid-1950s to 2018. 
Large daylily line-out beds
Keast Daylily Gardens also features several newer cultivars hybridized by Jamie Gossard. Many season extenders grow throughout the gardens, so bloom season starts early and persists into fall.
Beds in front of the house
Backyard flower beds
Each tour garden also includes a collection of Nebraska Daylily Society club plants from a hybridizer selected by the tour garden owners. Tom and Mary’s club plant collection consists of 2017 introductions from Jamie Gossard’s Heavenly Gardens. They are a mix of diploids and tetraploids, ruffled round forms, toothy cultivars, unusual forms, and spiders.
 'Black Wolf' (Jamie Gossard, 2017)

'Cliffjumper' (Jamie Gossard, 2017)
Tom and Mary hybridize daylilies, and they have registered several diploid and tetraploid introductions. Their main hybridizing goal is to create beautiful garden plants that grow and perform well in northern gardens. 
'Grandma's Lipstick' (Mary Keast, 2012)
 'Mountain Orchid' (Tom Keast, 2012)

'Mountain Radiation' (Tom Keast, 2012)
'Fifty Years of Love' (Tom & Mary Keast, 2015)
'Carnation Sunrise' (Tom & Mary Keast, 2014)
Tom and Mary work with unusual forms, spiders, toothy edges, and some doubles. They like to incorporate green throats. 
'Hilltop Green Eyed Gal' (Tom & Mary Keast, 2017)
'Prettiest Girl I Know' (Tom & Mary Keast, 2017)
'Eyes Only for You' (Tom & Mary Keast, 2018)
 'Praise on High' (Tom & Mary Keast, 2018)

'Wings of Love' (Tom & Mary Keast, 2018)
In the near future, Tom and Mary will register and introduce some round full-formed tetraploid cultivars with heavy ruffles. Click HERE to visit Keast Daylily Gardens' website to see more of Tom and Mary’s beautiful daylilies.
Seedling 'Heartbeat of Heaven' X 'Mountain Radiation' (Tom & Mary Keast)
Seedling 'Heartbeat of Heaven' X 'Sparkling Champagne' (Tom & Mary Keast)
Tom and Mary also grow and offer tetraploid cultivars for sale hybridized by their good friends, Dave and Val Jean Hansen, of Papillion, Nebraska. Click HERE to view Dave and Val Jean’s daylily page on Keast Daylily Gardens' website. 
'Papio Kylie Rae' (Dave & Val Jean Hansen, 2018)—pic courtesy of Dave Hansen
Tom and Mary invite you to attend our 2019 ADS Region One Tour, “Fireworks in the Gardens.” Come and see the color on their blooming hill!
Beautiful daylilies illuminate the blooming hill