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2019 Region One Tour Garden—McIntosh Daylily Place, Omaha NE—Phyllis McIntosh

Fireworks in the Gardens
2019 ADS Region One Meeting • Omaha, Nebraska • July 5-7, 2019
Hosted by the Nebraska Daylily Society—click HERE for registration form
Charles and Heidi Douglas of Browns Ferry Gardens, Guest Speakers
McIntosh Daylily Place, Omaha, Nebraska—Phyllis McIntosh
McIntosh Daylily Place, the garden of Phyllis McIntosh, is an American Daylily Society (ADS) Display Garden in Omaha, Nebraska. What began as an iris collection gradually shifted toward daylilies. Phyllis attended an agricultural display in Mead, Nebraska in 1997 hosted by the University of Nebraska. The Nebraska Daylily Society (NDS) staffed a booth and gave a daylily to new members. Phyllis joined NDS in 1997, and has been a member ever since. Phyllis enjoyed attending all ADS Region One meetings since 1998 plus several Region 11 meetings and three ADS National Conventions.
Welcome to McIntosh Daylily Placeall pics courtesy of Phyllis McIntosh
McIntosh Daylily Place features over 800 registered daylily cultivars. All are clearly labeled. Many hybridizers are represented. 
 Colorful side-yard beds

The landscape consists of several flower beds. Each bed is edged with brick and/or stone.

A sea of delightful daylilies blooming beautifully in a front-yard border

Companion perennials such as Oriental lilies, hosta, clematis, sedums, and coral bells are interspersed among the daylilies. In the spring tulips and daffodils bloom. Several peonies came with the property.
Oriental and tiger lilies
McIntosh Daylily Place gently slopes upward from the street. The back yard is mostly level. Phyllis’ home is on an extra-large city lot almost half an acre in size.
Backyard beds invite you to stroll among the many gorgeous daylilies and companion plants
There are plenty of seating areas with shade on the back patio and pergola with a view of a lovely water feature.
Bubbling rocks accentuate the garden
Phyllis hybridizes tetraploid and diploid daylilies. You will see hundreds of her daylily seedlings in several stages of growth. Initially the seedling area was all vegetables, but now it is challenging to find space for a single tomato or cucumber plant. 
Phyllis McIntosh diploid seedling D13 'North Wind Billet Doux' X 'Rose F. Kennedy' 

 Phyllis McIntosh tetraploid seedling T14-223 'Laws Of Illusion' X 'Heaven's Declaring'

 Phyllis McIntosh tetraploid seedling T14-253 'Optical Art' X unknown

Phyllis McIntosh tetraploid seedling T16-162 'Very Cherry' X 'Unending Melody'
Phyllis likes unusual forms and patterns. She has registered four daylilies so far—the tetraploid HOOKED ON ANGEL WINGS (2010), and the diploids YELLOW SLIPPERS (2018), SANDHILL CRANE (2011), and PIXIE CHICK (2006).
'Hooked on Angel Wings' (Phyllis McIntosh, 2010)
'Yellow Slippers' (Phyllis McIntosh, 2018)
'Sandhill Crane' (Phyllis McIntosh, 2011)
'Pixie Chick' (Phyllis McIntosh, 2006)
Phyllis may register two selected seedlingsdiploid seedling 033, a wonderful unusual form of unknown parentage that is tall and reminiscent of MAGIC OF OZ; and tetraploid seedling 081, a reliable triangular flower out of PAPER BUTTERFLY X DANCE ON A MOONBEAM, a creamy tan with a dark eye.
 Phyllis McIntosh diploid seedling 033

Phyllis McIntosh tetraploid seedling 081 'Paper Butterfly' X 'Dance on a Moonbeam'
McIntosh Daylily Place features 17 NDS club plants, all recent registrations, from guest speakers Charles & Heidi Douglas and Gene Tanner of Browns Ferry Gardens. Daylily introductions from Charles Douglas featured at McIntosh Daylily Place include BROWNS FERRY ELEGANCE (2017), DIANNE REEVES (2017), and SONYA MICHELLE (2017).
 'Browns Ferry Elegance' (Charles Douglas, 2017)

 'Dianne Reaves' (Charles Douglas, 2017)

'Sonya Michelle' (Charles Douglas, 2017)
Daylily introductions from Heidi Douglas in Phyllis McIntosh's garden include MEME'S INDULGENCE (2017) and SINGAPORE SUNRISE (2017).
 'Meme's Indulgence' (Heidi Douglas, 2017)

'Singapore Sunrise' (Heidi Douglas, 2017)
Daylily introductions from Gene Tanner featured at McIntosh Daylily Place include COUNTRY PRINCESS (2017), HUMBLE AND KIND (2017), and ONE CAROLINA (2017). 
 'Country Princess' (Gene Tanner, 2017)

 'Humble and Kind' (Gene Tanner, 2017)

'One Carolina' (Gene Tanner, 2017)

McIntosh Daylily Place will host Garden Judges Workshop 2 on Sunday, July 7 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Driving directions are part of the registration packet. Portable restroom facilities will be available during the tour on Saturday, July 6 as well as on Sunday morning, July 7 during Garden Judges Workshop 2.
Meander through the tranquil shade garden
You are welcome to walk throughout the garden or rest in a shady spot. Phyllis invites you to visit her beautiful gardenyou will not be disappointed!

 Enjoy the view while relaxing under the spruce tree

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  1. Thanks Mary. Phyllis, you have one of the most beautiful gardens that I have seen. So much work has gone into this beautiful restful garden. Always a joy to see hundreds of varieties and millions of blooms. Awesome every year! Mary Ann Wolcott