Monday, October 29, 2018

ADS Region One 2018 Daylily Cultivar Awards & Honors

The American Daylily Society announced the 2018 cultivar award winners during the fall Board of Directors meeting on October 27, 2018. Three Region One daylilies won awards, all hybridized by Karol Emmerich of Springwood Gardens in Jordan, Minnesota. 

Congratulations, Karol!

Stout Silver Medal

Karol Emmerich’s beautiful ENTWINED IN THE VINE (2007, tet) won the 2018 Stout Silver Medal, the highest honor bestowed on a daylily. ENTWINED IN THE VINE won an Award of Merit in 2014, an Honorable Mention in 2011, the R. W. Munson, Jr. Award for distinctly patterned daylilies in 2012, and the Extra Large Diameter Award in 2012. 

'Entwined in the Vine' (Emmerich, 2007) photo courtesy of Kathleen Nordstrom

For more pictures and description of ENTWINED IN THE VINE, click HERE.

Honorable Mention (HM)

Two of Karol Emmerich’s lovely daylilies won HMs in 2018. WRESTLING WITH ANGELS (2012, tet) received 17 votes.

'Wrestling with Angels' (Emmerich, 2012) photo courtesy of Karol Emmerich

For additional pictures and information about WRESTLING WITH ANGELS, click HERE.

OVERFLOWING HEART (2006, tet) received 15 votes.  

'Overflowing Heart' (Emmerich, 2006) photo courtesy of Tim Fehr 

For another picture and description of OVERFLOWING HEART, click HERE.

Congratulations and kudos from everyone in Region One, Karol! We are proud of your accomplishments and thank you for your service to our region.

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