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2019 Region One Meeting Open Garden—Ferguson Fantasy Flowers—Linda & Scott Ferguson

Fireworks in the Gardens
2019 ADS Region One Meeting • Omaha, Nebraska • July 5-7, 2019
Hosted by the Nebraska Daylily Society—click HERE for registration form
Charles and Heidi Douglas of Browns Ferry Gardens, Guest Speakers

Ferguson Fantasy Flowers—Linda and Scott Ferguson

Ferguson Fantasy Flowers is a suburban American Daylily Society (ADS) Display Garden featuring over 170 registered daylily cultivars and companion plants such as daffodils, iris, Asiatic lilies, Oriental lilies, clematis, hosta, Echium amoenum (red feathers), coral bells, lily of the valley, tulips, hyacinths, mums, and lilacs.
Welcome to Ferguson Fantasy Flowers—all pics courtesy of Linda and Scott Ferguson except where noted
Daylilies beds surround the house. Some are next to the driveway and the street, and there are two berms in the front yard as well. 
Front yard flower bed
A front-yard bed next to the house continues on the east side of the house. A large daylily bed highlights the back yard. Linda and Scott grow many daylilies from Di DeCaire, Bob Selman, Jamie Gossard, and Region One hybridizers.
 The backyard swing invites you to sit, relax, and enjoy the gorgeous blooming view 

Another view of the many lovely daylilies in Linda and Scott's back yard
Linda started hybridizing daylilies four years ago. Two raised backyard beds next to the patio contain her selected seedlings. Linda’s hybridizing goal is for large, strongly patterned daylilies with clear colors. Four of Linda’s tetraploid seedlings will be future registrations—CCXMB, EOLXDD, CCXNW, and BBXBA.
Linda Ferguson's tetraploid seedling BBXBA 'Blueberry Baroque' X 'Bowtie Affair' 
Linda Ferguson's tetraploid seedling CCXMB 'Claudine's Charm' X 'Michael Bennett'
Linda Ferguson's tetraploid seedling CCXNW 'Claudine's Charm' X 'Nature's Way'
Linda Ferguson's tetraploid seedling EOLXDD 'Echoes of Love' X 'Dragonfly Dawn'
Scott hybridizes, too, and his goal is to produce beautiful daylilies that bloom well in shady conditions. When the Fergusons started hybridizing, they quickly ran out of room. Linda and Scott currently rent a garden plot at a nearby church where their new seedlings are planted.
When Linda’s mother passed away five years ago, Linda wanted to memorialize her. She found Paul Owen of Slightly Different Nursery, who has a “Name a Daylily” program, where customers can buy an entire group of a seedling, and Paul takes care of the registration process. Linda’s mother’s favorite color was bright red, so Linda purchased all of Paul’s tetraploid seedling later registered as JESSIE’S LOVE (Owen/Ferguson, 2014) to honor her mother, Jessie. JESSIE'S LOVE has 6.25 inch blooms on 28 inch scapes with four-way branching and 24 buds. It begins flowering during midseason-late and helps extend the daylily bloom season.
'Jessie's Love' (Paul Owen/Linda Ferguson, 2014)—pics courtesy of Mary Baker
Linda also purchased another of Paul’s tetraploid seedlings registered as CAJUN SCOTT (Owen/Ferguson, 2014). CAJUN SCOTT produces 6.25 inch blooms on 27 inch scapes with four-way branching and 24 buds.
'Cajun Scott' (Paul Owen/Linda Ferguson, 2014)
Linda registered her bright red tetraploid seedling as LINDA’S BIG RED TOWER (Ferguson-L., 2015). LINDA'S BIG RED TOWER produces 6.5 inch blooms on 44 inch scapes with five-way branching and 30 buds. LINDA'S BIG RED TOWER is one of the 2019 Region One Meeting registration gift plants.
'Linda's Big Red Tower' (Linda Ferguson, 2015)
Click HERE to visit Linda’s Patterned Daylilies for more information about Linda, Scott, and their hybridizing programs.
Paul Owen told Linda about the Nebraska Daylily Society (NDS). Linda and Scott attended the August NDS meeting that year and joined the club. Shortly afterward, Linda and Scott began publishing the NDS Yearbook. The Fergusons joined ADS the year they became NDS members, and Linda is an ADS Garden Judge. Linda’s first term as Nebraska Daylily Society President began on January 1, 2019 (congratulations and thank you for your service, Linda!).
Linda and Scott invite you to visit Ferguson Fantasy Flowers—don’t miss seeing their beautiful garden!
Daylilies beautifully illuminate this backyard corner border

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