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2019 Region One Meeting Open Garden—Doug Bremers’ Garden

Fireworks in the Gardens
2019 ADS Region One Meeting • Omaha, Nebraska • July 5-7, 2019
Hosted by the Nebraska Daylily Society—click HERE for registration form
Charles and Heidi Douglas of Browns Ferry Gardens, Guest Speakers
Doug Bremers’ Garden—Doug Bremers

Doug Bremers’ Garden is a small urban garden. The only shady area is in the front yard, where 25 different hosta varieties grow. 
Welcome to Doug Bremers' Garden—all pics courtesy of Robin Lowe
Along the driveway leading into the back yard and throughout the back yard, you will see specimen clumps of about 450 registered daylily cultivars.
 Doug Bremers' garden during a recent Nebraska Daylily Society tour

 Visitors admiring the many beautiful daylilies blooming beautifully in Doug's multi-level back yard

Daylilies and companion plants illuminate the backyard border 

Doug’s garden features daylilies from a wide variety of well-known hybridizers, with over 40 daylilies from Pat Stamile and over 20 daylilies each from Jack Carpenter, Ted Petit, Jamie Gossard, and Tim Herrington. Doug also grows several daylilies each from Guy Pierce, Karol Emmerich, John Kinnebrew, and Ludlow Lambertson.
'Humungousaur' (Jamie Gossard, 2013)

'Metallic Montage' (Ludlow Lambertson, 2011)

In the past few years, Doug became focused on collecting daylilies from Region One hybridizers, including recent acquisitions from Nebraska Daylily Society members Dave and Val Jean Hansen.
Doug’s interests continuously evolve, so you will see daylilies of all forms and colors in his garden. Doug appreciates daylilies with taller scapes and has always liked large-flowered daylilies. Doug is becoming fond of miniature daylilies for their charm and appeal.

'Rose F. Kennedy' (George Doorakian, 2007) in front; back left is 'Rainbow Maker' (Jamie Gossard, 2011); back right is 'Neon Flamingo' (Jamie Gossard, 2006)
Doug is a daylily hybridizer with a wide array of interests and hybridizing goals. You will see about 500 daylily seedlings in Doug’s garden. Most of the daylily seedlings are planted behind the garage. Doug looks forward to seeing daylily seedlings that will bloom for the first time during summer 2019.

Two siblings from the cross 1DH11: 6T141A ('Fire and Filigree' x 'Michael Poliga') X 8T264B ('Lady of Madrid' x 'Iwanna Piranha')

Seedling 3DH11: 8T292A ('Mississippi Red Bed Beauty' x 'Horny Devil') X 8T208A ('Fabulous Fortune' x 'Brandon David')

Seedling 4X7 'Grandma’s Smile' X 'Gavin Petit' 

 Seedling JHXBRW 'Jerry Hyatt' X 'Big Red Wagon'

Seedling TGBIXBRW 'Topguns Branding Iron' X 'Big Red Wagon'
Doug has not yet registered any of his daylily seedlings. Doug has a future registration in mind that he gave to his late brother Alan to grow in his Texas garden. Alan texted Doug a picture of the seedling’s bloom the day he passed away, and noted that it looked good in his garden.
Doug has been an American Daylily Society (ADS) and a Nebraska Daylily Society member for several years. Doug is an ADS Garden Judge, and he became a Garden Judge Instructor in 2014.
Doug invites you to visit his garden and enjoy the many beautiful daylily cultivars and seedlings.

A riot of colorful daylilies—in back on the far right is 'Springfield Clan' (Jane Trimmer, 2001)

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